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Forget about fashion. I know we all want to look great and style is often at the forefront of which sunglasses individuals end up buying. Oakley, Ray-Ban and Serengeti make very stylish glasses but most importantly they offer the best in eye protection. What your eye protection is designed to do is filter light to reduce brightness and protect your eyes from harmful radiation. Most eyewear these days block at least 95% of UV and IR. The problem with cheap glasses is that the tint darkens visible light, enabling you to stop squinting and even allowing your pupils to dilate. If the glasses are not effective in blocking UV and IR radiation, your eyes will be exposed to even more of these harmful rays. Make sure that the sunglasses you choose block at least 95% of UV and IR.

Ecobeetle offers a guide to the best outdoor gear for 2002 and the best places to buy them online. Price is sometimes not the most important thing in online shopping, finding companies that ship overseas and internationally is equally important. Ecobeetle has taken care of your search. Who ships where and for how much? Ecobeetle knows, so visit us for all your gear needs.

Ecobeetle's Online Oakley Sunglasses Price Comparison


Oakley XX Sunglasses

  Oakley XX Glasses

Oakley matched the hammer earstems of Romeo with the contours of Juliet and amplified the orbitals, enhancing. coverage for larger facial sizes. Available in two distinctive styles.


Ecobeetle's Online Sunglasses Price Comparison

Price Store Product link Shipping
$274.95US  BackcountryStore   Oakley XX Ti02 Sunglasses International
$274.99US Fogdog Sports Oakley XX Sunglasses International


Oakley Juliet Sunglasses


  Oakley Juliet Glasses

Flex couplers allow this 25-piece blend of X Metal and art to fit naturally around the skull . The adjustable frame includes temple shocks, interchangeable nosebombs, and all the innovations that sculptural physics can offer . Color options shown as Frame Color/Lens Color.

Ecobeetle's Online Sunglasses Price Comparison

Price Store Product link Shipping
$274.95US BackcountryStore Oakley Juliet Sunglasses International
$274.99US Fogdog Sports  Oakley Juliet Sunglasses International


Oakley M Frame Sunglasses

 Oakley M Frame Strike Sunglasses
Oakley's M Frame sunglasses with Strike lenses deliver Polaric Ellipsoid, lens geometry that maintains visual clarity and prevents distortion, while the frames contour to the shape of your face for maximum coverage.

Ecobeetle's Online Sunglasses Price Comparison

Price Store Product link Shipping
$274.95US BackcountryStore Oakley M Frame Strike Sunglasses International
$274.99US Fogdog Sports Oakley M Frame Strike Sunglasses International




Maui Jim Sunglasses

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