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 Wildlife artists are very often at the forefront of conservation and wildlife recovery efforts. Many of the artists on these pages use recycled materials to create their art, others bring awareness of endangered species and habitats. Ecobeetle is proud to support those artists whose work benefits our planet and it's inhabitants.

  • ROY NAUFFTS - Wildlife and nature art featuring tigers, cougars, owls, red-tail hawks and more.
  • Natasha Nazarenko - underwater and marine artist
    Paintings by Natasha Nazarenko in Crayons, Watercolors,
    Colored Pencils, Acrylics, inspired by communication with sea life.
  • LIZ NICHOLAS - Wildlife and nature art with a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each original or artists copy will be donated to a shelter, wildlife fund, environmental or conservation cause or humane organization.

  • SHOIN OKAMOTO - Wildlife art featuring birds, waterfowl and more.
  • JOAN PAIN - showcases the work of award-winning Canadian artist Joan Pain, whose portfolio includes unique watercolour paintings of birds, wildlife and domestic animals, landscapes, fairytale and fantasy art.

  • RON PARVU - watercolor art featuring nature scenes and more.
  • Kelley Patterson - Wildlife and nature art featuring bears, eagles, elk, elephants, wolves, zebras and more.

  • HENRY PATTON - Wildlife and nature art featuring wolves, moose, Florida panthers, bears, woodpeckers and more.
  • Manisha Padhye - wildlife artist from India. I also work with Ecological Society ,Pune India. This society is involved with sustainable management of natural resources and nature conservation.

  • HANS PEETERS - Wildlife and nature art featuring  falcons, eagles and more.

  • DAG PETERSON - Wildlife and nature art featuring golden eagles, oystercatchers, magpies, owls and more.
  • STEPHEN POWELL - Wildlife and nature art in watercolors and oil featuring rhinos, orangutans, sea-eagles, lions, gorillas, wombats and more.
  • HENRI POTGIETER - pyrographic art on leather featuring African wildlife such as lions, leopards and more.
  • REVA! WILDUNIQUE -  Wildlife and nature art featuring lions, antelope, koalas, quail, burrowing owls and more.

  • ADRIAN C. RIGBY - International painter of wildlife and landscape/waterscapes including paintings of tigers, lions, snow leopards, elephants and more.

  • BRIAN ROBERTS   - painting in UK, depicting all aspects of British wildlife, mostly in watercolour. Birds being the main subject. 

  • JOHN ROMINE - Wildlife and nature art featuring waterfowl - ducks and geese.
  • CAROL SANTORA - Wildlife and nature art featuring endangered  species such as tigers, snow leopards and more.

  • TIM SHIELDS - Wildlife watercolor art featuring puffins, loons, and reptiles such as the Gila monster.
  • Susan Shimeld - Stunning Wildlife Art, Fine Art Prints and Greetings Cards direct from UK Wildlife Artist and keen Conservationist Susan Shimeld.  Animals, Birds, Insects, Pets, Portraits, Landscapes. Susans' love of nature is reflected in her Artwork.

  • WES & RACHELLE SIEGRIST - Miniature wildlife paintings featuring osprey, screech owls, otters, lynx, grizzly bears and more.

  • STEVEN SNIDOW - work include wildife/landscape. Original Fine Art Sculptures.

  • JOSHUA SPIES - Wildlife and nature art featuring elk, wood ducks, mallards and more.

  • DAVID STRIBBLING - Wildlife art featuring oil paintings of tigers, lions, leopards, cheetahs, cougars (mountain lion), jaguars, elephants, wolves, bears, foxes, badgers, zebras and birds

  • JERI THORPE - Wildlife and nature art in featuring cougars, bison, polar bears and more.
  • HENNIE VAN DIJK - Wildlife and nature art featuring bald eagles, cheetahs, kookaburras, cormorants, tigers and more.
  • ANTONIO VENEGAS - Peruvian Wildlife art featuring Toucans, Jaguars, Ocelots and more.

  • N. ROBERT WAGSTAFF - Paintings of Hawaii's native fauna and flora.

  • LYNN WEYMARK - Wildlife and nature art featuring raccoons, owls, wolves and more.
  • CINDY WEITZEL - Wildlife and nature art featuring bears, elk, wolves and more.

  • RIA WINTERS - Wildlife and nature art in oil and watercolours featuring tigers, leopards, lions, bald eagles, peregrine falcons and more.




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