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Eco-Library - Natural History

Ecobeetle is your green webpage with the Eco-Library, highlighting the best in books on the Environment, Outdoors & Nature.


Lars Jonssons’s Birds

Paintings from a Near Horizon

 Published by Princeton University Press

Lars Jonssons is a unique artist. There are those whose realistic touch and style are perfect for field guide inclusion and those who’s work are artistically sublime. Rarely does an individual achieve both. Lars Jonssons is such an artist and has few peers of equal stature in the world of bird art. Lars Jonssons’s Birds - Paintings from a Near Horizon and published by Princeton University Press is an excellent collection of breathtaking work by one of the world’s premiere wildlife artists. His paintings have graced many field guides and he never fails to capture the true spirit of his subject. . Lars Jonssons’s Birds - Paintings from a Near Horizon and published by Princeton University Press is a must have addition to any fan or nature or wildlife art.


In the Company of Crows and Ravens

by John M.Marzluff and Tony Angell

Published by Yale University Press

It seems that there is no middle ground when it comes to crows. Nearly everyone has a story to tell. Crows make a habit of confronting us in our daily lives around the city or the country.
John Marzluff and Tony Angell in their book In the Company of Crows and Ravens describe the cultural connections between crows and humans citing the latest scientific information. This is an easy-to-read book with over 100 original drawings. The book takes the reader into the lives of crows around the world and ponders how they have altered our human lives. It is a thoroughly researched compendium of crow biology, behaviour and culture that surpasses all other books on the topic in the market today.


Princeton Field Guides - Albatrosses, Petrels & Shearwaters of the World

 By Derek Onley and Paul Scofield

Published by Princeton University Press

Many species of seabirds can be difficult to find and even harder to identify. They spend the majority of their times far out at sea, on the open ocean and rarely near land. Princeton Field Guides - Albatrosses, Petrels & Shearwaters of the World by Derek Onley and Paul Scofield and published by Princeton University Press is the premier book on these seabirds. Every species is presented with full color descriptive illustration plates as well as detailed information on distribution, behaviour, plumage and identification. This informative book offers a comprehensive overview on Albatrosses, Petrels & Shearwaters covering the four families their characteristics and taxonomic relationships, how to identify these birds and conservation issues they face. Princeton Field Guides - Albatrosses, Petrels & Shearwaters of the World by Derek Onley and Paul Scofield and published by Princeton University Press is a must have for any birders library.

DK Oceans Atlas

Published By DK Publishing, Inc

With climate changes on the horizon and the subject of global warming and it’s effects making almost daily headlines, young readers are taking an active interest in these subjects and publishers like DK are there to provide comprehensive and fun books covering these themes for kids to easily enjoy. DK Oceans Atlas takes an informative look at every aspect of the planet’s oceans in a light yet thorough manner. Filled with beautiful, exciting color photos and graphics as well as insightful acetate overlays, DK Oceans Atlas is an excellent book. Included in this volume is an interactive CD-ROM for the reader to also explore. DK once again provides an excellent resource for a young audience, filled with great photos, comprehensive and concise. DK Oceans Atlas is recommended for all children to read, explore and enjoy.


DK Online


Published By DK Publishing, Inc

Wow! Wow, wow, wow! What a great experience for any child interested insects! DK Online – Insect is a fantastic new direction in children’s reference that includes the power of the internet to enhance the learning experience. Insect is filled with the usual wonderful photos, graphics and science that DK is renowned for but offers added photos, video, quizzes and more through a companion website. Fantastically done, easy to navigate and an incredibly helpful tool for reports and homework, DK Online – Insect is a revolutionary book. My only regret is that this wasn’t available when I was a school kid. A must have for any child.


DK Experience

Extreme Weather

Published By DK Publishing, Inc

The natural forces of our planet can be extremely powerful and amazing. Hurricanes, monsoons and tornados batter and terrify our coasts, plains and cities with often catastrophic results. Take a journey with the Earth’s violent weather systems with the great new DK experience – Extreme Weather. Extreme Weather published by DK Publishing, Inc is an informative, exciting and bold trip, filled with excellent facts, colorful photos and produced in an easy to follow manner that will capture any child’s attention. The DK experience – Extreme Weather is a superlative resource and a book that scientifically curious children will happily and readily enjoy.



by Ken Thompson

Published By DK Publishing, Inc

I always thought composting remains from the garden and kitchen seemed simple enough - just toss those leftovers into a box, cover with soil, and some time later rich loamy soil would present itself. Until it began to smell and it took forever to decompose. Then along came 'Compost - the natural way to make food for your garden' by Ken Thompson (DK Publishing, 2007) and I began to understand that composting was an art form. A few simple steps and my problem was solved. First I had to understand how nature decomposes waste and the essential ingredients required to speed the process. Next I learned what to feed the compost and how to tend it. Then I learned about how to house the compost and finally I was ready to serve up the pleasures of my efforts. This book has it all in easy to follow instructions, clear text and colour illustrations. A thorough read of Compost by Ken Thompson will get any would-be gardener on his or her way enriching the soil the way nature intended it.   


Pitcher Plants of the Americas

 by Stewart McPherson

Published by McDonald and Woodward Publishing Company


When we think of carnivores in the wild we imagine Tigers, Sharks and similar ferocious creatures, But Plants as carnivores? Yes it is very true, there are many species of plants that rely on catching live prey for sustenance. The Pitcher plant is one of the many fascinating carnivorous plants that hunt our forests, fields and water systems. Pitcher Plants of the Americas by Stewart McPherson and published by McDonald and Woodward Publishing Company is an incredibly in depth look at these fascinating plants. Filled with amazingly beautiful color photographs, Pitcher Plants of the Americas offers a complete and comprehensive overview of the 5 genera of Pitcher Plants found in the Americas. This reference guide is clear, concise and very fascinating. These plants are marvels of evolution, hardy enough to survive in areas that other plants are unable and so beautiful that they generate serious greenhouse attention. Stewart McPherson offers a very clear picture on the health of the species as a whole and the environmental concerns that Pitcher plants like face today. Pitcher Plants of the Americas by Stewart McPherson and published by McDonald and Woodward Publishing Company is a fantastic effort and a incredible insight into an amazing plant. It is a must-read for any natural history buff.

arched effort sheds an overdue light on a fascinating subject.s great DK series for children.


The Rarest of the Rare – Stories Behind the Treasures at the Harvard Museum of Natural History
Text by Nancy Pick , Photographs by Mark Sloan

Published by HarperCollins

The Harvard Museum of Natural History is a fascinating warehouse of specimens. Thousands upon thousands are offered for display, preserved, stuffed and mounted for the many visitors who stare in awe and wonder at these encapsulated pieces of nature. Unfortunately beyond the view the stories of these artifacts are silently gathering dust. The Rarest of the Rare – Stories Behind the Treasures at the Harvard Museum of Natural History brings a voice to these still specimens. Amazing stories of daring, deceit and scientific brilliance that are fascinating to read and feature the cream of natural history’s finest including Audubon, Aggasiz, Clark, Thoreau and many more. The Rarest of the Rare – Stories Behind the Treasures at the Harvard Museum of Natural History text by Nancy Pick and featuring photographs by Mark Sloan is a treat to read, natural history painted with vibrant colors as new life is breathed into silent archives.


James Cameron’s Aliens of the Deep

By Dr. Joseph Macinnis

Published by National Geographic

The deepest parts of our planet’s oceans are among the last unexplored frontiers of Earth. These unexplored regions mirror the vast unexplored areas of space in many ways and offer the same challenges for exploration. Lately with the further advent of underwater technology, these mysterious frontiers are being opened by the top scientists and explorers of today. These openings offer promises of better space exploration and tantalizing hints at the possible existence of life among the seemingly uninhabitable regions of our solar system. James Cameron’s Aliens of The Deep is an amazing IMAX film that ponders this question and documents as Cameron and a team of biologists and NASA researchers travel the depths exploring hydrothermal vents and encountering the strange and unique creatures that abide there. The companion guide to this film, James Cameron’s Aliens of The Deep by Dr. Joseph Macinnis and published by National Geographic is an in-depth profile of the triumphs and struggles of this incredible journey. Dr. Macinnis has chronicled this expedition from its beginning, following the exploration in great detail, from the preparations on deck through the miles of ocean depth and back to the film editing and post production. But James Cameron’s Aliens of The Deep is not just a behind the movie book, it is a scientific guide to the area encountered as well. Dr. Joseph Macinnis offers with colourful graphics well described and helpful scientific explanations of ocean geology that enhance the documentary tremendously. This book also offers a treasure of descriptive color photos captured from the film, as well as many terrific on ship photos. James Cameron’s Aliens of The Deep by Dr. Joseph Macinnis and published by National Geographic is not just a companion to the film but a stand alone effort regarding an incredibly significant scientific phenomenon. Read the book, see the film or see the film, read the book.



Vernal Pools: Natural History and Conservation

by Elizabeth A. Colburn

McDonald and Woodward Publishing Company

Vernal Pools: Natural History and Conservation by Elizabeth A. Colburn McDonald is a comprehensive and extremely interesting look at these unique biological hotspots. When the great glacial ice sheets departed North America, they left a land pock marked with hollows that fill with water seasonally. The temporary nature of these vernal pools precludes fish from residing in the ponds and requires all of its inhabitants to cope with periods of no water. Vernal Pools: Natural History and Conservation provides a summary of the ecology of vernal pools including detailed species accounts on the myriad invertebrates and invertebrates found in these water systems as well as the life strategies involved with an ecosystem that dries out annually. One of the most important chapters in this book deals with the conservation issues and threats to the vernal pool. In the world today one hears continually of the plight of the oceans, wetlands and various endangered species but the loss of any ecosystem is just as important and Elizabeth Colburn brings a voice to the current threats to vernal pools. Vernal Pools: Natural History and Conservation by Elizabeth A. Colburn will not only appeal to wetland ecologists but to anyone interested in the ecology of wetlands. It is a well written and thoroughly researched gem.



Wolves: Behaviour, Ecology and Conservation

 by L. David Mech and Luigi Boitani

Published by University of Chicago Press

So many books have been written on the wolf that there seemed little more that could be written. However, Wolves is an extraordinary treatise of up-to-date information that reveals that so much more has been learned about these creatures. Twenty-two specialists with a combined 350 person years of experience, set the task of compiling much of what is now known about wolves into one book. They review topics of social ecology, behaviour, communication, carnivory, predation, population dynamics, physiology, genetics, evolution, restoration and conservation, among other topics. Especially interesting was the debate on whether the red wolf in eastern USA should be considered a full species or a hybrid cross between gray wolf and coyote. Coyote genes are present in many of the recent red wolves but none prior to 1944. There were 100 wild-born red wolves in 20 packs by 2002. The story reveals how much has been learned from this experience into the logistics and politics of returning animals to the wild. Although this is a scholarly text, the passion held by each of the scientists for this creature of wilderness emerges in each chapter.


by Bill Schneider

The Globe Pequot Press

There are scores of books on the biology of bears but Where the Grizzly Walks is the only book entirely devoted to bear preservation. The reader meets the characters known as the 'bear people' who have devoted their lives preserving and restoring bears in the USA. Originally published in 1977, Schneider has updated this book with new information. There is some good news in the pages of bear preservation. The view of bears has changed over the years from eliminating a ferocious beast to saving the remnants of a symbol of wilderness. But bear preservation is not out of the woods. Anyone interested in bear conservation and its history in the USA will find this book a good read.


True Nature

An Illustrated Journal of Four Seasons in Solitude

By Barbara Bash


A beautifully colored journey taken with the author, True Nature - An Illustrated Journal of Four Seasons in Solitude by Barbara Bash, is a journal of encounters and experiences and interactive musings and reflections among the flora and fauna of backcountry trails in the Catskill Mountains. The pages of this book leap with color and the images seem to dance about the page brilliantly and the handwritten text helps to convey a sense of poetic solitude. This book is a special look into a journey of self discovery, painted with emotion and the spirit of the wild. Join Barbara bash on her delightful journey. True Nature - An Illustrated Journal of Four Seasons in Solitude by Barbara Bash is a warm and enchanting read and a welcome addition to any nature lover’s library.


Smithsonian Earth

Editor in Chief - James F. Luhr

Published by Dorling Kindersley

Ecobeetle Highly Recommeds this Book!A wonderful reference work, Smithsonian Earth is a tremendously  stunning book. You will pick up this work and exclaim ‘Wow!’. When one tries to describe this book you feel as though you couldn’t possibly adequately describe its intensity. It is how reference books should be, an ideal that clearly breaks new ground.  Smithsonian Earth which is packed with amazing, detailed photos and easy to follow text ,takes the reader smoothly and comprehensively through our planets history, anatomy and future. Over the oceans, across the land and through the sky we are taken, no subject of our planet left unexamined and unexplained. Smithsonian Earth is as brilliant a book as you are to ever enjoy.


Going Wild: Adventures with birds in the suburban wilderness

By Robert Winkler

Published by National Geographic

Ecobeetle Highly Recommeds this Book!When we think of wild life we think wilderness. But there is a surprising number of wild creatures right under our noses. Robert Winkler's Going Wild: Adventures with birds in the suburban wilderness (National Geographic, 2003) is a lovely book about wild birds in our neighbourhood. This book reminds us how easy it is to watch birds wherever we live. This book would make fine gift for someone who is just beginning to enjoy birdwatching.  


Alaska to Nunavut – The Great Rivers

By Neil Hartling

With photographs by Terry Parker

Published By Key Porter

Ecobeetle Highly Recommeds this Book!Rivers are powerful veins that careen across the heart of a magnificent land. The world’s great rivers are known and revered near and far for their power and lifeforce  and the brilliant territory of the Canadian North is pumped alive with many fantastic rivers that spill their magic across a beautiful landscape, rushing scalpels that carve and create. Alaska to Nunavut – The Great Rivers By Neil Hartling tells the tale of these fantastic torrents and how they shape the history and beauty of a wild land. Complemented with Terry Parker’s brilliant and vivid photographs, Alaska to Nunavut – The Great Rivers takes you to the heart of the world’s largest bio preserve, the Alsek River, the dramatic Stikine River, the pristine Snake River, the spectacular South Nahanni River and more. Expertly written from sound experience Alaska to Nunavut – The Great Rivers By Neil Hartling is a journey of information along some of natures magical northern rivers.


Smithsonian Book of National Wildlife Refuges
by Eric Jay Dolin and  Karen and John Hollingsworth

Published by Smithsonian Institute Press

Ecobeetle Highly Recommeds this Book!In the early part of the 20th century American President Theodore Roosevelt set aside lands for the preservation of native birds. This simple act was the beginning of a turning point regarding attitudes towards wildlife in the U.S.  The Smithsonian Book of National Wildlife Refuges documents with incredible accuracy the history of great persecution that was unleashed in the 1800’s upon such animals as the wild duck, American buffalo and the passenger pigeon. Through the actions of many environmental heroes from Roosevelt to author Rachel Carson, and the advent of the remarkable National Wildlife Refuge system this rate of carnage was slowly halted. The Smithsonian Book of National Wildlife Refuges by Eric Jay Dolin, with brilliantly colorful and poignant photos by Karen and  John Hollingsworth is a fountain of information, meticulously detailed and intensely researched, a beautiful book that displays the remarkable history of The United States National Wildlife Refuges from their beginnings to today. It is a comprehensive view of American conservation history that is a wonderful addition to any wildlife enthusiast’s library.


An Obsession with Butterflies: Our Long Love Affair with a Singular Insect

 by Sharman Apt Russell

Published by Perseus Publishing

Ecobeetle Highly Recommeds this Book!Butterflies hold a fascination upon many a person. Most regard them with quiet fascination as they dance about our gardens and yards, while many chase those flights with abandon, a strong connection binding them to these wondrous creatures. An Obsession with Butterflies by Sharman Apt Russell is an amazing peek into the lives of both butterflies and the collectors and scientists that adore them. In her book, Russell provides equal parts biology, history and social comment, blending them smoothly to create a charmingly, brilliant effort. As you read on a metamorphosis will overcome you and the next butterflies you see will appear different to you, seen through new eyes, more magical, beautiful and amazing than they were before. Elegant and informative, An Obsession with Butterflies by Sharman Apt Russell is a soft journey upon swiftly beating wings, one that will leave you exhilarated with its beauty and spirit.


Forests in Peril

by Hazel R. Delcourt

Published by McDonald and Woodward Publishing Company

Ecobeetle Highly Recommeds this Book!Forests in Peril by Hazel R. Delcourt offers a rare look into the history of North America’s forests. Through the eyes of a paleobotanist the author describes the changing pattern of tree distribution in the United States over the last 100,000 years. This book reads like both a memoir of the author’s career and a history lesson. The author takes the unique approach of revealing the knowledge of her field by taking us step by step through the process of discovering each piece of information. By describing the process by which the scientific community learned from their discoveries, the reader is able to more fully understand the mechanisms driving the present distribution of plants. By describing the process of collecting samples in the field, analyzing samples in the lab, interpreting data and borrowing from mentors and pioneers in her field the reader is taken on a journey of discovery. By looking into the past, the author foretells the future of plant distribution given the adaptability of various plant species to present rates of human expansion and global climate change. Appealing to any reader interested in paleobotany, natural history and conservation of natural resources, Forests in Peril is a fascinating read.


The Ghost with Trembling Wings: Science, Wishful Thinking, and The Search for Lost Species

by Scott Weidensaul

North Point Press

Every year, thousands of species go extinct. Or at least, scientists think they have gone extinct. A few species seem to hang on unnoticed living in anonymity until someone stumbles on them. Scott Weidensaul in The Ghost with Trembling Wings (North Point Press, NY, 2002) takes the reader on a fascinating voyage into remote and not so remote corners of the planet to seek out the bizarre, the mythical, out-of-place creatures and species reported missing.


Glimpses of Paradise: The Marvel of Massed Animals

By Fred Bruemmer

Published by Key Porter Books

Ecobeetle Highly Recommeds this Book!Animals amaze us in many ways. The natural world has many facets that that are as odd as they are beautiful. When species aggregate to breed, feed or rest they create spectacular scenes that are becoming increasingly rare. ‘Glimpses of Paradise - The Marvel of Massed Animals’ by Fred Bruemmer and published by Key Porter Books is a beautiful look at these captivating moments. Packed with Fred Bruemmer’s beautiful photographs and informative and insightful text, ‘Glimpses of Paradise’ takes the reader into these phenomena. From Monarch Butterflies in Mexico to Chinstrap Penguins in Antarctica, ‘The Marvel of Massed Animals’ offers insights into the habits of a wealth of species from all corners and climates of the planet. Fred Bruemmer is careful to remind us that as immense and strong as these species appear nothing is certain during a time when the world’s ecology is so fragile and that all species, regardless of their numbers, should be thought of as vulnerable to decline and endangerment. We have lost a great deal of nature in a short time such as the Passenger Pigeon and we must respect and preserve what we still have. With Fred Bruemmer’s fantastic photos and personal and informative text, ‘Glimpses of Paradise’ is a colorful celebration of the vibrancy of animal life.


The Octopus And The Orangutan

More True Tales of Animal Intrigue, Intelligence and Ingenuity

By Eugene Linden

Published by Dutton

It is of no dispute that animals display varying levels of intelligence. Occasionally, many creatures seem to display human-like emotions and temperaments. Our pets’ eyes sometimes seem to sparkle with an attentive knowledge and other animals, such as dolphins and apes, display a level of intelligence that leaves us in a state of wonderment. ‘The Octopus and the Orangutan - More True Tales of Animal Intrigue, Intelligence and Ingenuity’ by Eugene Linden offers glimpses into these telling displays and actions which occasionally bridge the gap between human and animal. It is an eye-opening and touching read, sprinkled with humour and amazing insights into the brains of not only octopus and orangutan but elephants, bonobos, cats, orcas and many more. ‘The Octopus and the Orangutan’ is creatively researched and warmly written. Eugene Linden has taken his wonderful book ‘The Parrots Lament’ and taken it further with new reports and insights into animal activities that will amaze and astound you. ‘The Octopus and the Orangutan - More True Tales of Animal Intrigue, Intelligence and Ingenuity’ by Eugene Linden explores the activity inside the not so simple minds of creatures that often don’t behave like animals at all.


The Wolf in the Southwest : The Making of an Endangered Species

 New Edition

By David E. Brown

Published by High Lonesome Books

The distant howl of the wolf seems at home alongside campfires under a brilliant moon. The echoes of those cries ring with loneliness and pain. They are forever linked with the wildest of the wild, nature untouched and pure. The Southwestern U.S. to Mexico is a wild and natural area, but far from untouched and pristine wilderness areas. Moon-filled nights are no longer punctuated by the wolf’s plaintive calls due to a century of persecution that eliminated all species of wolf from the South West. With the attempts to reintroduce wild packs and the subsequent controversy regarding this issue a new edition of the David E. Brown’s brilliant ‘The Wolf in the Southwest - The Making of an Endangered Species’ has been released by High Lonesome Books. Originally published in 1983, ‘The Wolf in the Southwest’ documents the fervor to rid the wolf from the wilds of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas from the late 19th century until the late 1970’s. David E. Brown has painstakingly researched his book from decades of archival records documenting the plight of the southwest cattlemen. These ranchers whose heavy losses to cattle depredation lead to a government sanctioned declaration of war on all predators. It is a grimly fascinating tale of the sad history of the wolf in the southwest. David E. Brown’s ‘The Wolf in the Southwest’ is the definitive resource on the various species of southwestern wolf, covering their biology, territory and first hand descriptive accounts of their place within their historical environment. These coincide with various trapper reports, techniques and encounters. Thorough and complete with many historical photos and documents, David E. Brown brings this shortsighted era to life. ‘The Wolf in the Southwest - The Making of an Endangered Species’ is a bitter read for it eulogizes, not celebrates the wolf. A dramatic reminder of how destructive the world was and still is and how once we set foot in pristine natural areas we slowly begin to lose them.


The Extinction Club  

By Robert Twigger

Published by William Morrow & Co.

The legendary deer known as the Milu, was thought to be extinct until a Basque missionary, Pere David stumbled upon them in the Chinese emperor's private park in the second half of the 19th century. Pere David smuggled a specimen to Europe igniting in the process, a clamour among several European nations to acquire a live animal. Eventually the Boxer rebellion led to the deer's extirpation from China but a herd survived in England on the private estate of the 11th Duke of Bedford. Robert Twigger's tale is a mix of whimsical, sometimes cheeky romps through history, and modern day divergences into the meaning of truth, myths and evolution.   


Dr. Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation  

By Olivia Judson

Published by Metropolitan Books

We live in a very kinky world. Promiscuity, genitalia issues and sexual insecurities are severe problems that affect most of the planet’s creatures. Thank goodness for sex columnist Dr.Tatiana. Informed and confidential she eases many a worried soul from nymphomaniac stick insects to homosexual manatees. Unfortunately she doesn’t seem too interested in helping humans, perhaps because sexually we are very boring creatures. Dr.Tatiana’s Sex Advice to All Creation by Olivia Judson is a fascinating and entertaining romp through the sexual battleground of animals, big and small, simple and complex. You will laugh out loud, shake your head and be thoroughly absorbed at the incredible sexual antics described, explained and prescribed. Through her advice to the lovelorn writing to her in desperation on such troubling issues as necrophilia, sex changes and male pregnancy, Dr. Tatiana enlightens us on the evolutionary biology of sex in an often humorous, always interesting and never tedious manner. Olivia Judson has created a real winner with Dr.Tatiana’s Sex Advice to All Creation. It is an impressively researched, enjoyable and very original read and afterwards you’ll breathe a sigh of relief for being merely a dull human.


Wild Soundscapes: Discovering the Voice of the Natural World

by Bernie Krause

Published By Wilderness Press

When one takes in nature or the wilderness, we experience usually through our eyes. We may stop to hear the birds or notice the howl of a distant wolf, but primarily our senses our limited to optics. The acoustic world of the wild is mostly beyond our reach. What worlds are out there for our ears to discover? And how do we uncover them? Wild Soundscapes by Bernie Krause is an introduction into listening to the sounds of the natural world. It is quite amazing how when most look at aspects of the environment, whether is a tropical rainforest or African savannah, the orchestra of sounds that envelop such settings rarely get any notice. They of course are heard but is the concerto felt and understood?  Wild Soundscapes by Bernie Krause will help you discover sound, what is sound and how important soundscapes are. He offers a simple guide of listening exercises to discover the soundscapes of your backyard or favorite parks. They are easy to follow and comprehensive. Wild Soundscapes is also a premier guide to nature recording. Complete with equipment, recording and production tips and techniques. Bernie Krause has created a remarkably ear-opening book. It even  includes a 55 minute cd of various Bernie Krause soundscape recordings. Wild Soundscapes is very, very refreshing because it will let you experience the outdoors that we all love in an entirely new way. Hear! Hear!







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