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Eco-Living is Ecobeetle's page on ideas to live with less impact on our environment. It follows a simple 3 step approach to living - reduce our consumption and recycle what we can; restore what we damaged; and sustain what we have.  There are real health benefits to be gained by breathing clean air, drinking clean water, and eating healthy food. Simple steps such as reducing the amount of pollution from our cars, and cleaning products we dispose down the drain helps.

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Air, Water, and Food

We all depend on the Earth's ecosystems to provide us with air, water and Food. Eco-Living is a site dedicated to finding products that help us to develop lifestyles that tread more softly on the Earth. Ecosystems are natural conveyor belts in which the living re-cycle waste and dead products. The 'conveyor belt' can sputter to a halt when we introduce chemicals it can not recycle or when we remove important components that make it function.

Beside what we do around our home, there are some very creative people who are rethinking how we live in our cities and towns. One of those projects is the Arcosanti Project. Here is what they have to say: "Suburban sprawl, spreading across the landscape, causes enormous waste, frustration and long-term costs by depleting land and resources. Dependency on the automobile intensifies these problems, while increasing pollution, congestion, and social isolation. Arcosanti hopes to address these issues by building a three-dimensional, pedestrian-oriented city. Because this plan eliminates suburban sprawl, both the urban and natural environments should keep their integrity and thrive. Arcosanti is a prototype: if successful, it will become a model for how the world builds its cities."


Check out our Eco-Products page for useful and environmentally friendly products for the home and garden.


 More great sites For eco-living

Vpackindia - a wide range of paper carry bags and other bio-degradable products, that are both cost effective and environmentally responsible.


Planda Company - We are family ran company that offers eco-friendly, natural, chemical free hemp bars. Our "Super Hemp Soft Skin Bars" are for use in the shower to soften and nourish skin.


Free Range Kidsis a family run firm supplying organic, fair trade & eco friendly baby products. We stock a wide range of washable nappies, baby carriers, clothing and toys.


First Solar Products - First Solar Products is your shopping source for organic goods at A Happy Planet, clean air merchandise, solar educational materials, solar informational books, electric scooters, free eBooks, hand-pushed grocery carts, hard-to-find items, solar appliances, solar batteries and chargers, solar fans, solar flashlights, solar lights, solar radios, computer hardware and software at TigerDirect, vacations and more. Makes great gifts!!


Eco-Source - offer a range of practical high quality environmentally responsible products at reasonable prices.


Mother Nature Fan Club - Solar products and energy efficiency


Oroboros Yoga Hempwear - combines conscious yoga lifestyle with comfortable hemp clothing.

Soul-Flower - a web site offering earth friendly goods, such as earth ragz outerwear and hemp items.


Munchskins - 100% natural, Aromatherapy skin care for babies and children, called 'Munchskins'.  The line is completely free from mineral oil, preservatives and petroleum. 


JoMamaCo -  dedicated to bringing parents a 100% eco-friendly product line for their children.


Urban Ruby - Organic cotton and hemp clothing.  Natural, eco friendly beauty products.  Fair trade wage accessories endorsed by the Fair Trade Federation. 


Honey Candle - Nature scenes carved in beeswax candles


Dash Hemp - Makes of quality, upscale and unique hemp clothing


Point Beach Outdoors - Soft, comfortable ECO Fleece clothing is all we do. Our company bears the name of the State Forest that inspired us. - sell environmentally friendly and cruelty free products. brings together only the finest environmentally friendly producers, while maintaining the highest quality

  Sunnybrook Environmental - consumer environmental products for personal care and home and garden care.

Dogbedworks - Dog and cat beds of recycled fleece by Big Schrimpy .  These super-stuffed, recycled dog beds from Big Schrimpy are filled with nylon fleece scraps, left over from local sewing companies, which would otherwise end up in a landfill. They're completely washable - helping to prevent ever needing to throw them away. - The site is huge! Matman has divided it for easy access so spend few moments to look around--you've found one of the best, most useful and eco-friendly products on the planet! You'll find great ideas including recycled rubber garden mulch, stair safety, even pickup truck bedliners!


AMBIENCE WORLD - manufacturers and
exporters of the most unique and exclusive range of Eco friendly handmade paper bags & Exclusive handmade gift wrapping paper.


Sun Organic Farm - Sells organic food, organic fruit and
organic nuts.


Herbal Musings -  an award-winning site dedicated to natural living and health for people and the environment. Many features including a library of articles, health & environmental news briefs, natural products for home, garden and bath, discussion forums, chat, a free newsletter and so much more.


The Pet Arthritis Resource Center - A very informative site about arthritis in pets. Over 100 articles on treating arthritis and hip dysplasia in pets, the science backing glucosamine, a review of treatments, a pet arthritis newsletter, and much more.

Sustainability Source - Shop from the most environmentally and socially responsible businesses known today. Over 20,000 products from all the leading green businesses. 


The Orion Society - an award-winning publisher, an environmental education organization, and a communications and support network for grassroots environmental and community organizations across North America.


Green People - The World's largest, searchable
database of eco-friendly products


 Energy Alternatives a progressive organization providing clean, renewable sources of power generation - Create a home that is beautiful, natural and a safe environment for you and your family's enjoyment. The Best earth-friendly products available located on several web sites


The Eco-Bodydryer -a product that delivers real cost saving and environmental benefits. Nature has shown us that the principle of harnessing heat from the sun coupled with movement of the air, is the most effective way of evaporating moisture. These are the simple elements around which the eco-bodydryer's total body drying system design is based. 

    Dr. Dog Health Care and Pet Mart - Providing the best dog products and cat products available. The Dr. Dog health care line is all-natural and includes, shampoos, vitamins, bug repellent, sun block, ear care, skin care, and arthritis care. 


Solardyne Corporation - the premiere source on the Web for reliable renewable energy technology and high-efficiency appliances. The company focuses on the sale of solar and wind power equipment, providing consumers with power-on-demand with no accompanying fuel costs or pollution. Solardyne specializes in solar and wind home power systems, and is the creator of the 24-pound Solar Power Pack that provides energy on the go.


Muji - Style-conscious environmentalists can now find sophisticated, earth-friendly home furnishings and accessories online, thanks to acclaimed Japanese retailer Muji. Dedicated to restraint, simplicity and minimalism,  Muji employs high quality but inexpensive raw materials, including remnants, scraps and otherwise disposable materials, to create pared-down stationery, storage items, housewares, and personal care products. Muji delivers only what consumers actually need and use - eliminating unnecessary packaging and additional materials. - featuring innovative and useful gifts handcrafted from recycled, reused and natural materials by 21 (and counting) artists. 


JH Originals - Funky, eco-friendly bulletin boards that are attractively designed with recycled and responsible materials.



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