Ecobeetle's Eco-Links to Environmental, Ecological and Conservation Websites

GreenDimes is an organization involved in a cause that relates to the environment - reducing deforestation, energy usage, water usage and carbon emissions.  For members, they cut junk mail and plant a tree for them every month. Learn more about GreenDimes

EARTH VISION - Earth Vision uses spiritual ecology to bring environmentalism to the next level.

BIO-BEETLE - ECO Rental Cars on MAUI and Los Angeles - The First all BIODIESEL Rental Cars in the world! Biodiesel is a cleaner-burning diesel fuel, made from 100% natural, 100% renewable vegetable sources,While its emissions are radically lower, biodiesel functions in the engine the same as petroleum diesel. Biodiesel can be substituted for diesel with essentially no engine modifications, and maintains the payload capacity and range of diesel. - By buying "FutureWind" TRCs, you or your business invests directly in our renewable energy future. FutureWind is in the form of tradable renewable energy certificates, also known as TRCs or green tags. These TRCs support renewable electricity production and are available nationwide.


Living Lands & Waters- a not for profit environmental organization that officer free Big River Educational Workshops to teachers, volunteer opportunities with our Riverbottom Forest Restoration Project, community riverbank cleanups and Adopt-A-Mississippi River Mile.

Hinaya - the sole representative of Kyoto native textile artist Akihiko Izukura and his garments
    Akihiko Izukura's (b. 1942, Kyoto, Japan) passion for weaving and dyeing stems not only from his family background- his ancestors created kimonos and obis for the imperial family in Japan for centuries-----but also from his profound interest in achieving harmony with nature.  The designer works mainly in silk, transforming thread into hand-woven what he calls "wind-like" fabrics. Essential to his creative process is his philosophy of "Zero Waste". 

Envirotech - a great new resource for the environmentally conscious.


Madagascar Wildlife Conservation - a malagasy non-profit association, which aims at providing an information platform. Our ultimate scope is to facilitate the dataflow of information about Madagascar, to improve activities, to give new inputs, to help to protect the high degree of endemism of animal and plant species, to enable a sustainable natural habitat for future generations of humans, animals and plants of Madagascar.


Echoes of Nature - Nature resource aimed at raising awareness of the natural world. Includes global news and feature articles.


CSIRO Forestry and Forest Products - Wood Protection -  The largest single organization in Australia conducting research into forestry, wood and paper science.

Dr Beetle's Wild Page
of Nature and Philosophy

Tembo - Tembo is a non-profit and international organization dedicated to support elephant conservation worldwide.

Ecomantra - At Ecomantra, we aim to create awareness about nature through pro-active learning in the outdoors, while contributing to the spirit of conservation. We are involved with responsible travel to natural areas that enables travelers to experience and explore the Indian wilderness in an adventure filled, educative and enjoyable way, at the same time helps conserve the environment and sustain the well-being of local people.

EPAnet - Environmental Protection Activists Network
Join Us In Sustaining the Earth for All Life.

Todos Santos Eco News -  information about environmental issues that concern all of us, environmental and community based.

Planet Squared - Planet Squared features innovative-stylish award-winning
modular furniture, hip environmental art and hot-new music all produced and
packaged from non-toxic, recycled materials.

Lantern Books - Lantern Books publishes books that deal with vegetarianism, animal advocacy, natural healing, and spirituality. 


Dakota Ridge Limited Web Art Gallery - An eclectic collection of wildlife prints, Americana art prints and greeting cards by SD wildlife artists John C. Green and Joshua Spies.


Lambton Wildlife Inc. - a group of Lambton County residents who enjoy nature and like to share their love of the outdoors with other enthusiasts.


CNN Nature Page - Daily informative nature and environmental news.


Nature Photography by Julia Sims - Stunning scenes of nature and wildlife by one of America's most respected wildlife and nature photographers.

Wilderness Challenge - The learning resource for keeping kids connected to nature. Helping young and old enjoy, protect, and make a difference to wildlife and habitat.


The Organic Way - An online sales and information directory showcasing farms and businesses selling organic, natural, and eco-friendly foods and products while promoting physical fitness, weight loss and the great outdoors.


Energetic Ecological Environmental Kids! - A great site dedicated to kids helping the environment. EEEK! also includes resources for adults and teachers.


Natural Tree Furniture - Reclaimed, naturally felled trees and branches handcrafted by artisan Ray Smith.  Environmentally Responsible Designs - Free form Stick and Twig furnishings for your home, office, cabin or wherever you'd like to display these works of art


Envirospace - an interactive knowledge exchange of environmental issues driven by you the user.