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Books for Kids


DK Readers

Snow Dogs – Racers of the North

Amazing Animal Journeys

Published By DK Publishing, Inc

DK offers to children learning to read their wonderful DK Readers Progam. These 4 level volumes are designed to efficiently help develop their reading skills as they learn about subjects that interest and fascinate them.

Snow Dogs – Racers of the North is a Level 4 DK Readers book, aimed a proficient readers. It offers a wonderfully comprehensive and entertaining look at sled teams and the amazing animals that lead them. Full of wonderful photographs and entertaining stories it is a fantastic look at the history, hardships and fun at the North’s wildest mode of transportation. 

Amazing Animal Journeys is a Level 3 DK Readers book, focused on those who read alone. It engages the reader in the fantastic world of animal migrations. Featuring the journeys of Gray Whales, Snow Geese, Caribou and the Monarch Butterfly, Amazing Animal Journeys is filled with amazing photography and comprehensive well laid out facts and information.


Animal Families

Published By DK Publishing, Inc

DK offers to children a wonderful look at the fantastic world of animal families. An easy and engaging read for any child, Animal Families is filled with great photos, great information and is great fun to read!



Published By DK Publishing, Inc

Sharkpedia is a dive into the deep with world’s wonderful, sometimes scary but always interesting sharks. It’s a fantastic journey around the world, guiding you to the greatest sharks to be found. This incredible manual is easy to read, filled with amazing facts and many, brilliant color photos. This is an incredibly interesting book and will hook any young reader!


DK Eyewitness Books – Weather

DK Eyewitness Books – Oil

Published By DK Publishing, Inc

DK Publishing continues its excellent Eyewitness Books series which introduce children to adult subjects with 2 new publications; Weather and Oil.  Weather is a well organized, interesting and comprehensive look at the world’s weather. Filled with exciting and descriptive color photos it is a gem of a volume that will strike a chord with young scientists, stormchasers and children eager to learn. Oil is another typical Eyewitness treasure, taking the child reader on a unique journey on the history and science behind oil, its many uses, how vital it is in so many different ways and more importantly how we can alternately do without it. These DK volumes include clip-art cds as well as large wall-charts that would be perfect for a classroom or school library.  Oil and Weather would make great resources for schools and they continue the excellent standard of preventing science to children in a clear and concise manner. DK Eyewitness Books are simply fantastic.


DK Oceans Atlas

Published By DK Publishing, Inc

With climate changes on the horizon and the subject of global warming and it’s effects making almost daily headlines, young readers are taking an active interest in these subjects and publishers like DK are there to provide comprehensive and fun books covering these themes for kids to easily enjoy. DK Oceans Atlas takes an informative look at every aspect of the planet’s oceans in a light yet thorough manner. Filled with beautiful, exciting color photos and graphics as well as insightful acetate overlays, DK Oceans Atlas is an excellent book. Included in this volume is an interactive CD-ROM for the reader to also explore. DK once again provides an excellent resource for a young audience, filled with great photos, comprehensive and concise. DK Oceans Atlas is recommended for all children to read, explore and enjoy.


DK Online


Published By DK Publishing, Inc

Wow! Wow, wow, wow! What a great experience for any child interested insects! DK Online – Insect is a fantastic new direction in children’s reference that includes the power of the internet to enhance the learning experience. Insect is filled with the usual wonderful photos, graphics and science that DK is renowned for but offers added photos, video, quizzes and more through a companion website. Fantastically done, easy to navigate and an incredibly helpful tool for reports and homework, DK Online – Insect is a revolutionary book. My only regret is that this wasn’t available when I was a school kid. A must have for any child.


DK Experience

Extreme Weather

Published By DK Publishing, Inc

The natural forces of our planet can be extremely powerful and amazing. Hurricanes, monsoons and tornados batter and terrify our coasts, plains and cities with often catastrophic results. Take a journey with the Earth’s violent weather systems with the great new DK experience – Extreme Weather. Extreme Weather published by DK Publishing, Inc is an informative, exciting and bold trip, filled with excellent facts, colorful photos and produced in an easy to follow manner that will capture any child’s attention. The DK experience – Extreme Weather is a superlative resource and a book that scientifically curious children will happily and readily enjoy.

DK Eyewitness Books – Ecology

Written by Steve Pollock

Published By DK Publishing, Inc

DK Publishing returns with its excellent series of DK Eyewitness Books with Ecology, a comprehensive look at this engaging subject aimed at budding young naturalists. Bright and packed with vivid photographs, these books aimed at children 8 and older are fantastic introductions to various fields of science. DK Eyewitness Books – Ecology covers the diversity of the planet’s creatures and environments in a clear and concise manner, explaining what ecology is and dissecting the relationships between our planet’s inhabitants and their surroundings. From the depths of the oceans to the highest mountain summits, the evolution, interaction and distribution of life is explained with bright, clear graphics and interesting subject examples. DK Eyewitness Books – Ecology by Steve Pollock is another winner in this great DK series for children.


DK Smithsonian Bug Hunter

Smithsonian Nature Activity Guides from DK

Published By DK Publishing, Inc

Guest Book Review by Ashley age 7

I enjoyed this book very much because it was so interesting!  This book taught me alot of information about bugs that I did not know.  I really enjoyed the different projects.  I learned how to build a butterfly bar, a bee home and a moth trap.  I really liked the fold-out cards that helped me to identify different bugs that I found.  My favorite parts of the book were learning about aphids and about the louse.  I am now officially a BUG HUNTER!

DK Eyewitness Books – Pond & River

Written by Steve Parker

DK Eyewitness Books – Earth

Written by Susanna Van Rose

Published By DK Publishing, Inc


The introduction of young readers to adult subjects such as biology, geology or other scientific fields needs to be handled carefully. Well written, exciting books on these ideas can transform a child’s interest and spark a lifetime appeal in these fields. DK Eyewitness Books – Pond & River and DK Eyewitness Books – Earth are excellent examples of creative, interest sparking books for kids. Aimed at and written for children above the age of 8, DK Eyewitness Books are full of information on these subjects. The pages explode with photos and interesting facts. The Pond & River volume covers these magnificent ecosystems in great detail. From the plants and insects to the wide variety of fish, mammals and birds, a concise snapshot of each aspect of the pond and river environment is created. The Earth volume covers our great planet in succinct and complete detail. From the various rocks that make up the earth and explanations of continental drift and plate tectonics to earthquakes, volcanoes and much more, a complete lesson on our planet is provided. The DK Eyewitness Books finish each volume by phrasing and answering any possible questions as well as opening the door for a child to discover more on his or her own by the addition of lists of pertinent websites to browse as well as ideal museums and institutions to visit. DK Eyewitness Books – Pond & River and DK Eyewitness Books – Earth are great resources of kids, filled with great photos and comprehensively cover their subjects to the point of inspiration for kids to learn and discover more.



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