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Eco-Library - New Releases

Ecobeetle is your green webpage with the Eco-Library, highlighting the best in books on the Environment, Outdoors & Nature. We endeavor to get review copies of the latest and greatest in Natural History literature and reference to offer clear and independant reviews for our site visitors.

Birderís Conservation Handbook

100 North American Birds at Risk

 by Jeffery V. Wells

 Published by Princeton University Press

Birds are natural barometers to the health of ecosystems and their conservation and awareness of their status is vitally important. North America has lost too many species of birds this century and there are many that sit on the brink of extinction, critically endangered. Birderís Conservation Handbook - 100 North American Birds at Risk by Jeffery V. Wells and published by Princeton University Press is a fantastic effort in chronically these species and highlighting the steps needed to conserve and repair their status.

This book is incredibly well researched and filled with useful and important information that well help raise awareness to the conservation plight of these species as well as help spread information regarding possible solutions to these problems. . Birderís Conservation Handbook - 100 North American Birds at Risk by Jeffery V. Wells and published by Princeton University Press is an important and timely book and should be in every North American birders home library.


Marine Protected Areas for Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises

by Erich Hoyt (2005 Earthscan, London).

Erich Hoyt provides a comprehensive update on the reasons why Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are long overdue, why whales, dolphins and porpoises make good umbrellas species for marine conservation, provides guidance on how to establish MPAs and lists the exisiting and proposed MPAs around the world. There are 534 exisiting and proposed MPAs in 102 countries worldwide. In an easy-to-read style, Hoyt presents the first world-wide review of a technical topic. In doing so, he has brought the plight of marine mammal conservation to a new level. Ecobeetle recommends this book for anyone intersted in marine conservation and a 'must' for anyone working in marine conservation. 


Wolves: Behaviour, Ecology and Conservation

 by L. David Mech and Luigi Boitani

Published by University of Chicago Press

So many books have been written on the wolf that there seemed little more that could be written. However, Wolves is an extraordinary treatise of up-to-date information that reveals that so much more has been learned about these creatures. Twenty-two specialists with a combined 350 person years of experience, set the task of compiling much of what is now known about wolves into one book. They review topics of social ecology, behaviour, communication, carnivory, predation, population dynamics, physiology, genetics, evolution, restoration and conservation, among other topics. Especially interesting was the debate on whether the red wolf in eastern USA should be considered a full species or a hybrid cross between gray wolf and coyote. Coyote genes are present in many of the recent red wolves but none prior to 1944. There were 100 wild-born red wolves in 20 packs by 2002. The story reveals how much has been learned from this experience into the logistics and politics of returning animals to the wild. Although this is a scholarly text, the passion held by each of the scientists for this creature of wilderness emerges in each chapter.


by Bill Schneider
The Globe Pequot Press

There are scores of books on the biology of bears but Where the Grizzly Walks is the only book entirely devoted to bear preservation. The reader meets the characters known as the 'bear people' who have devoted their lives preserving and restoring bears in the USA. Originally published in 1977, Schneider has updated this book with new information. There is some good news in the pages of bear preservation. The view of bears has changed over the years from eliminating a ferocious beast to saving the remnants of a symbol of wilderness. But bear preservation is not out of the woods. Anyone interested in bear conservation and its history in the USA will find this book a good read.


Cradle to Cradle : Remaking the Way We Make Things by William McDonough and Micheal Braungart

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Larding the Lean Earth : Soil and Society in Nineteenth Century America

by Steven Stoll

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