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Wildlife and Nature Eco-Artists

 Wildlife artists are very often at the forefront of conservation and wildlife recovery efforts. Many of the artists on these pages use recycled materials to create their art, others bring awareness of endangered species and habitats. Ecobeetle is proud to support those artists whose work benefits our planet and it's inhabitants.

  • HUGH ARNDT - North America wildlife and landscape art including wolves, eagles and owls.
  • Caril Chasens - Wood sculpture featuring nature.

  • E. CEREBY - Wildlife art including parrots and African animals and dog portraits.

  • LUIS M. CUARESMA - Wildlife art featuring birds, raptors and mammals.

  • SCOTT DAVIS - Wildlife art featuring tigers,snow leopards, leopards,wolves, owls and more.

  • ROBERT M. DESCHENES - Wildlife art featuring peregrine falcons, bald eagles, loons, snowy owls and more.
  • VITO DE VITO - Wildlife art featuring foxes, seals and hawks.

  • VI EASTMAN - Maine wildlife art featuring black bears, loons, moose and more.
  • R. G. FERGUSON - Wildlife art featuring swans, ducks, geese, owls, foxes and more.
  • ALFREDO FILLOL - Bronze sculpture of animals

  • JAN FISHER - Wildlife art featuring tigers, leopards, lions, birds, rhinos, elephants, frogs and more.
  • HAMISH GRANT - Sea, marine and wildlife art featuring African wildlife such as elephants, giraffes and more.

  • John C. Green -   Wildlife art featuring phesants, ducks and rural scenes.

  • SHELLEY HAASE - Wildlife art featuring foxes, cougars, grizzly bear, bald eagles, wolves and more.

  • TRACY HALL - Flower and wildlife art featuring tigers, chimpanzees, cougars, lions, puffins and more.

  • STEVE HARMENING - Wildlife art featuring tigers, cheetahs, leopards, cougars, lions, bear, foxes, big horn sheep, bison , moose, elephant, giraffe, birds of prey, waterfowl and more.
  • MARK HOBSON - Westcoast wildlife and nature art featuring seabirds, killer whales, grey whales, bald eagles, herons, wolves and more.

  • MARC HOUDE - Western and wildlife art including wolves, cougars, bald eagles, lynx, moose, grizzly bears and more.

  • DAVID HYDE - Wildlife and landscape art featuring snow leopards, red-tailed hawks, merlins, wrens, kestrels, owls and more.

  • ALISON INGRAM - Expressive wildlife art featuring tigers, wolves, deer and birds.
  • HENRY J - Wildlife and nature art featuring sea turtles, tigers, elephants, owls and more.
  • PETER JEPSON - Wildlife art featuring big cats, elephants, rhinos, grizzly bears, cougars and more.
  • BRYAN KEITH - artistic creations from 99.9% recycled materials making gift cards, vegan jewelry, fashion and art.

  • ANNE KILMINSTER - paintings and sculptures of dogs, horses and wildlife such as tigers, wolves and bald eagles.

  • Karen, Rebecca, & Bonnie Latham - Wildlife and nature art featuring elk, squirrels, wolves, leopards, cougars and more.

  • DAWN LAVOIE - Wildlife and nature art featuring wildflowers, birds, butterflies and African wildlife such as lions and giraffes.
  • CAMILO LUCARINI - Wildlife and nature art featuring tigers, leopards, zebras, elephants, lions and more.
  • ROCHELLE MASON - Wildlife and nature art featuring sea turtles, humpback whales, bald eagles, dolphins, elephants, hawks and more.

  • Derek McCrea - Wildlife and nature art featuring landscapes and wildflowers.

  • Michaeline - Wildlife and nature art featuring bald eagles, wolves, whales and more.

  • TOM MIDDLETON - Pacific Northwest wildlife photographer featuring bald eagles, wolves, whales and more.

  • SUE MILES - Wildlife and nature art featuring horses, cats, wolves, birds and English wildlife.
  • Brandon Monahan - wildlife artist, sculptor and photographer

  • DEIAN MOORE - Wildlife and nature art featuring grizzly bears, swans, moose, cougars, bison and more.




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